Friday, December 13, 2013

They discover fossil of two insects mating

WASHINGTON.-a fossil of two small insects copulating dating of 165 million years ago was recently discovered in China, making it the oldest of its kind ever found, said a group of scientists.

The fossils of insects in the sexual act are strange, what does that knowledge about the postures of copulation and the orientation of the genitals at the beginning of the evolution are limited, says paleontologist Dong Ren University Normal Capital in China, lead author of the discovery published in the U.S. Journal PLOS ONE.
The fossil well preserved two perpetual Anthocytina, small insects that jump from plant floor, the sample copulating in front, with the male reproductive organ inserted into the genital opening of the female.
The fossil would therefore indicate that the position of the genitalia and the positions of coupling between insects have not changed for more than 165 million years, the researchers say.
"This rare fossil offers a dressing-down over the sexual behaviour of these insects in this period of the Middle Jurassic and provides important information for understanding their positions to reproduce and the orientation of their genital organs," says Dong Ren

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