Friday, December 13, 2013

Educate yourself about diabetes

When you suffer from a disease such as diabetes, educate yourself properly is essential to keep it controlled and avoid risks.

With that in mind, the Physicians Committee for responsible medicine (PCRM for its acronym in English), a non-governmental organization from the United States that promotes preventive medicine, celebrates the National Diabetes month with the publication of a page and with information in Spanish.

Resources include a video entitled "the 3 best tips for reversing diabetes", several articles on the diet and diabetes, as well as recipes and vegetarian program online called "Vegetarian in 21 days". As indicated on their website, the traditional plant-based diets have been replaced by unhealthy meat, dairy products, and junk food. This makes rates of obesity and diabetes increase a lot.

In fact, to try to change this, porponen vegetarian program, designed to help latinos to fight diabetes.

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