Saturday, June 29, 2013

How to combine a sequined

Sequined dresses have caused a furore on the girls, they have again set a trend for some time and have earned one of the highest positions in fashion. These are ideal for attending important events or festive, if you plan to wear a sequined dress, do not miss these wonderful tips for combining a sequined dress to perfection.

- Accessories: Since you must know that if you wear a sequined dress all attraction wrath on your garment, so it is recommended you wear simple accessories and black.

- Half transparent: Sometimes prepare a beautiful dress for the celebration and the day of the event unexpectedly cold. This time you should not stop using the dress, you should only complement the dress with transparent stockings. This way you'll get a less formal looks but still remains sober, combined with a bag stockings and black shoes.

- Accessories in colors: If you wear a blue sequined dress and shoes opt for a handbag gold tone, if you wear a sequined silver accessories and pair it with coral colored shoes.

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